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The Housecrafters Ltd. Home Improvement

Tired of cracked and chipped window and door frames? The Housecrafters Ltd provides custom-bent, pre-painted aluminum capping to eliminate the need for scraping and painting. Supplied or installed, we’re here to help you get the job done. 

Our Renovation Services

Whether you require fascia boards to be installed to hold the roof’s gutter or want patio doors for better ventilation, our team does it all. Our licensed contractors are knowledgeable and friendly. We always provide quality products that are fairly priced. Our renovation services include the installation of:







Patio doors




Custom bending and capping

Custom Bending and Capping Services

Add a beautiful and customized touch to your home. We provide custom bending and capping services of pre-painted aluminium to ensure your home is maintenance-free as you want it. Capping can help reduce the need for frequent repairs, scraping and painting of window and doorframes and fascia boards. We offer this very specialized service for your benefit. Contact us today for a free estimate or drop by our store.

Custom Windows, Doors and More

Canadian-manufactured vinyl windows for your home.

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